Hello Sevier County Residents/Employees!

Welcome to Sevier County Days website. Our goal is to keep Sevier County Residents/Employees informed of local attractions offering free or discounted admission fees.

The website has many parts: Also keep in mind to take advantage of many of these offerings you must have either a drivers license with Sevier county address or current paycheck stub from a Sevier county business to show.

SCD Calendar are those special times that businesses offer “Sevier County Days Savings”. CLICK HERE FOR CALENDAR

Continual Discounts are what many businesses offer year round to local residents outside of special SCD Events.

If you know of an event or offering we have not posted please use the “SCD Event Submission” to let us know.

We appreciate your using the website and hope it provides you the information your looking for. If you ever have any questions or comments (we appreciate all feedback) use the “Contact Us” form to let us know.

And of course if your able you can help us keep this website running by becoming a Sponsor. There are many expenses associated with operating a website like this and every bit helps to offset those costs. Plus it helps us to know you the community appreciates what we are doing and support it. Thank You!

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